im gonna kill u grayson i swear to god i will make your face a personal sidewalk


February 1

I feel today is a very productive day. although I have several hours of homework I keep putting off and most likely will only get 2 hours of sleep, I am content.

January 17

Today I had a snow day. Which is usually amazing and would probably be my dying wish. but, as my luck goes, I was supposed to work on a group project that is due tomorrow. “WEEEEEEL SHIT” was my exact reaction when I remembered this. Well, I have it figured out now. I have some homework though, poo (by some I mean “will probably go to sleep at 2 am”). well I will try to post tomorrow, c ya…

January 15

Today is the day of my first post. Today is the day of ┬áthe birth of my blog. ┬áToday is the day, for the first time, I am writing without being told to. some people really enjoy writing, I’m just trying it out. so far my fingers hurt, my typing skills are terrible, and i’m a little embarrassed. but hey, at least i’m trying.

today is a sunday, I wanted to sleep until 1pm. but, nooooooooooooo, we just had to go to church. of course i never want to go to church, but, that’s not an option for me. now i am home. im supposed to be doing homework and cleaning my room. but here i am writing this post.

I can’t complain and i have to be extra nice to everybody until i get my phone back because I’m grounded. it hurts me inside, it pains me to be nice, i’m not an emotional person. i do not have that much empathy for others. i really need my phone back though, so i just have to clench my teeth and wait it out.

later I am going to the movies with my mom, she wants to go see “La La Land” so i was like “sure” and here i am. I would actually prefer to go see “assassins creed” or “hidden figures”. i will go see anything really. just not horror movies, i would go into shock and never wake up. well i think that does it for today, bye for now.